Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1

Ooooook, now was it me or could you feel the tension in your own living room watching this tonight, now first of all Kandi, Kenya, and Sheree looked amazing, Porsha was giving me Diana Ross realness yaaaaaassssss, and finally Ms Cynthia Bailey slaaaaayyyyyyedd!!! But can I say the Kenya and Phaedra back and forth is tiring…just leave each other alone, stay in ya corners bih! I mean Kenya you know damn well Phaedra wasn’t your friend, but I honestly think Kenya was hopeful in a reconciliation with Phaedra. But bihhhhhhhhh please let this Apollo ish go!!!!! And as for Phaedra praying for you Kenya, don’t let that hoe pray for you no more because that prayer ain’t gonna get no higher than the ceiling πŸ˜’. Phaedra’ hair was cute tho. Now Ms Porsha baaaaaaby, she seems troubled 😟 I mean I’m concerned for her, she told more lies than 45 this season, first she’s delusional if she thinks Phaedra is a true friend. Porsha baby let me say this and please take this in the spirit in which it is given…’BITCH PHAEDRA IS NO ONES FRIEND!!!!!!!!!’ Ok now when Kenya called Porsha ‘Dr. Dum’ it did tickle me, but nonetheless basically Porsha needs more than anger management help, and I’ll leave it there for now. Now Kandi looked like on more than one occasion that she wanted to whip both Porsha and Phaedra’s ass….I just wish they would let Kandi loose on them hoes and I think that would satisfy a lot of people 🀣. So that’s my take on tonight’s episode….until next Sunday 😘

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