Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ok, so recapping on Potomac, the girls are in a good space since the backlash from the tiff between Gizelle and Charrisse….well since then the lil newcomer Monique has entered the group. This last episode she and her husband, Chris, went to Alabama for his induction into the Hall of Fame…now while she was there, there was no secret that her mother in law did not fancy her too much chile, she had her little side comments all the while Monique was talking, and personally I think if you are gonna say lil slick ish on the side, say it to my face bih, I mean really,she’s too old for that. Also, Ashley said some things that I didnt like, like calling some of the women, Gizelle, Charrisse, and Robyn, bitter and single….REALLY? I honestly dont think Gizelle is bitter, and as far as Charrisse she just need sone new wigs and she should be fine, and just a tad bit of lypo, and Robyn is just in denial point blank period. Now the Grand Dame, Karen, seems to be doing just fine as always…but my favorite on the show is of course Gizelle. But, Ms Ashley, as cute as she is, I think she needs a storyline to stay on cast, so I think thats why she always has her little side comments in her interviews. But, anyway I think this will be a good season…so I will sit back and wait for the drama to unfold….stay tuned

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