Basketball Wives

First off let me just say to see Ms Evelyn Lozada back on BBW’s is AMAZING AF!!!! Now, the beef that Tami has with Ev is tired and as old as Tami….now don’t get me wrong I delight in her lil ‘Bonnett Chronicles’but like Evelyn said, ‘Boo, you’re pushing 50….let it GO!’ And then there’s old tired, donut neck, bad body Jackie….why is she on this show again?  Now, Ms Malaysia is my boo too! I love her, she seems like a a really cool chick. So Jackie has beef with Evelyn because Ev donated to Jackie’s daughters ‘GoFundMe’ when Jackie’s daughter needed coins to take care of her son and Jackie was no where around. Jackie, soooooooo you dont take care of you’re child but get mad when someone helps them out…hmmmm, ooooooook. But, I am glad to see Jackie has on this mock neck in her interviews so my eyes don’t go straight to her neck rolls. Now, back to Tami in this colorful fur, looks like she been shopping at Salt’n’Pepa’s garage sale, her makeup is on point btw, cmon maw let it GO!!! Now Coach Shaunie is looking haute as well, I appreciate Shaunie for not getting caught up in this situation with Tami and Ev, but I believe by then end of the season these two ladies (Evelyn and Tami) will be good!

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