Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part II 

Phaedra has Porsha eating out of her hands, it is so evident and I don’t know what she has over Porsha but it’s definitely working in her, Phaedra’s, favor. Porsha continuously points the finger instead of acknowledging her parts in every confrontation, that’s not growth sweetheart 😒.  Kenya is just as she has always been, a manipulator of words, lol but I do like her a little bit because she is somewhat a comic relief. Sheree and Kenya should just leave the ‘abuse’ subject alone, in no way, shape, form or fashion is that a subject that should be taken lightly! But baaaaaby seeing Mama Joyce in that disguise trying to get Phaedra’s ☕️tea on her divorce had me lmao!!! Come thru ‘Black Carmen San Diego’ lol. But, Phaedra is really playing a victim on this reunion, with her lil lying ass….she such a trifling individual to be a lawyer. But when Kandi said ‘No wonder you ain’t winning no cases, you can’t do math’ I was DOA….lol. But when she, Phaedra, pulled out those ‘divorce papers’ Kenya yanked that ass and told the whole truth, lmao, and then when Andy reached back to Phaedra’s first season and ran down all her ‘timeline lies’. Sheree btw was petty as hell to bring up the fact that her son has yet to receive a free bag for modeling, she should be happy that Cynthia is mentoring him for a great career, ungrateful heifer lol. Back to Phaedra, I just can’t get with a snake ass, wanna be ‘Christian’ she really needs to cut it out, it’s not a good look  for her lil profession. In conclusion to the part of the reunion… Sheree and Bob’s situation was horrific, how dare a man joke about harming a woman he claims to love, or any woman for that’s very terrible and my heart ached to see Sheree like this. On a final note the drama continues next week, hope you’ll be watching, because I will! 

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