Real Housewives of Atlanta Part III

Let start off with that the love that Peter has for Cynthia is absolutely magical. He simply adores her and I wish them back together if I could. But, did Peter crack for a min, what was the tea?!! Why did he walk of stage?!! I think he was drunk for real, 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he was zooted! But I’m glad ALLLLLLLLL Phaedra’s ish is about to be brought up!! But why they mad at Sheree, they keep running to her with info 🤔. And poor poor baby Porsha….chile get some help ASAP. That damn Kenya knows how to rattle Porsha’s spirit hunty….. she said ‘Elvis had left the building’ lmao lmao 😂. On the other hand I really like Shamea she is one classy broad hunty. They should’ve let Shamea lose on Phaedra because she has been real low down this season. And when she, Shamea, called Phaedra ‘auntie’ I hollered. Phaedra was clearly reaching the entire night, and became real bothered by the end of the night and I was happy about that 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁. Poor poor Porsha is just not fit for this show anymore, I really feel she’s done. She’s about ready to check out ✅ I loved the shade by Todd when he said ‘the Feds still watching’ #Catch. And to end this portion of the 4 Part reunion, it got REAL UGLY towards the end….so next week is gonna be on And poppin!!! #NowSayWhatNow

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